Share capital

What is the share capital of a company?

Share capital is the set of assets or rights that shareholders contribute to their company.

The share capital is divided into “shares”

Minimum share capital

In the limited liability company, S.L., which is the most common company type in Spain, the minimum amount of share capital is 3,000 euros.

Type of contributions

The contribution of each sshareholder to the share capital may be monetary or non-monetary (contributing assets)

Non-monetary contributions

Through the contribution of real or personal property.

In this case, for the constitution of a limited company, it will only be necessary to provide a detailed list of the goods, indicating the brand, model, serial number or registration data, if any.

Also its valuation, but without requiring an independent official assessnebt.

It is important that the assets contributed really exist, that they belong to the contributor and are worth what is estimated, so that the assets of the company are not unreal.

Monetary contributions

By cash deposited in a bank account in the name of the company. .

Although it is no longer necessary, in the act of incorporation of the company, provide the bank certificate that proves the disbursement.

This is one of the news of law 11/2018:

“It will not be necessary to prove the reality of the monetary contributions in the constitution of limited liability companies if the founders state in the deed that they will jointly and severally respond to the company and to the social creditors of the reality of the same “.

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